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£500 off Fastbraces

Fastbraces® Logo, Braces for adults and braces for kidsHere at Dental Perfection Kettering,  we know how stressful treatment can be, especially if it is long term. That is why we offer our patients the very latest in dental technology to achieve the perfect smile with minimal fuss.

During the past five years, the introduction of many procedures has cut orthodontic treatment time dramatically. Now though there is an even faster, more reliable way to align even the most crooked of teeth within months, Fastbraces.

The unique thing about Fastbraces is that they do not move teeth following the traditional method of crown then root. Fastbraces cut out the middle man and move the root straight away. They are able to do this because of their innovative design that allows extra flexibility in the wire and revolutionary ‘elbows’ on the brackets that deliver extra force.

Fastbraces are:

  • Safe – with over twenty years research and development time devoted to their production
  • Fast – by moving the root straight away treatment times can be lessened by over 50% in some cases
  • Reliable – our developmental process involved thousands of real patients being treated using Fastbraces with outstanding results

Only a few visits need to be made to your dentist for checkups or adjustments which is obviously much more convenient than one every few weeks.

This means that the treatment does not negatively impact on your lifestyle and this is true for aftercare also. Remarkably, you only need to wear a retainer for fifteen minutes a day, which is markedly better than competitor products that require hours of uncomfortable retainer usage.


 Dr. Pramod Sabharwal, B.D.S. is
a proud Fastbraces® provider:
braces technology that is fast,
safe and affordable.


Dental Perfection
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Tel: 01536 411150

Dental Health

Our Kettering dentists and hygienists can offer you one to one training on oral hygiene, prevention, and teaching your children in a fun and educational way to enhance their oral health. This may also benefit those patients who wear dentures and would like some help on how to look after them.

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