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Visit the hygiene team to combat your bad breath fears

Regular visits to the dental and hygiene team at our Kettering dental practice not only help your smile to last a lifetime but they can also help combat any fears you have about bad breath.  Often bad breath is caused by a build up of decomposing food which finds its way into areas of your mouth which cannot be reached with a toothbrush, no matter how hard you try.

Some cases of bad breath are ‘one off’ events caused by something you have eaten or drunk, such as garlic but when it becomes a regular event and causes you to be concerned when you speak or stand near people, then it’s time to do something about it.

Speak to our friendly team and book in to see our hygienists.  They will speak with you about your oral health regime and make sure that everything is as it should be.  They will also give your gums and teeth a good clean and put together a programme to help alleviate future bad breath episodes.

To book your appointment, please contact the team today.

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Our Kettering dentists and hygienists can offer you one to one training on oral hygiene, prevention, and teaching your children in a fun and educational way to enhance their oral health. This may also benefit those patients who wear dentures and would like some help on how to look after them.

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