Are you considering a straighter smile in 2018?

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Are you one of the many people who have been considering orthodontic treatment for some time?  Perhaps you’ve previously been put off of having treatment because of the look of the braces or because of the treatment times?

If you’ve been imagining the older style ‘metal bracket and wire’ braces from your school days and your friends who wore them for years, then we’re here to tell you that things have progressed!

At Dental Perfection in Kettering we are able to offer a range of state of the art orthodontic treatments including ones which are discreet and fast working – some with treatment times of just weeks!

Obviously each person’s orthodontic needs are different and you’ll need an orthodontic consultation to find out which treatments would work best to improve your smile.

To book your free, no obligation consultation please contact the team today.

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